Arthur B. Liu

  • Author // educator // Artist // Inventor

Arthur B. Liu is President of Queens Art Education Center, New York, Visiting Professor of China’s Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Member of American Watercolor Society, Artist of U.S. National Art League, Director of Chinese Culture Art Association of New York, and Member of Lions Clubs International. Arthur B. Liu was born of a scholarly family in China. His father Liu Shouqiang, a famous calligrapher and seal engraver, worked in education for nearly 70 years. Arthur B. Liu graduated with flying colors from the Fine Arts Department of Guangzhou Normal Institute in 1980 and was retained by the Institute as a teacher. He further studied at the Education Department, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. In 1984, he came to the United States to pursue postgraduate study in fine arts and got his Master’s Degree of Fine Arts, the highest academic degree available in Fine Arts, at the City College of CUNY in 1990.

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